WK 15- Finger paint Activity


img_3520This week we had to do the Finger Painting activity. It was a really fun experience, my finger was a bit cold after the whole ordeal but it was fun.I had lost the other large peice of paper, so i had to tape regualr size pieces of paper together. That was a fun way to start the project lol. I think it went pretty well and it was pretty easy. At first I just started with the color orange,I didn’t know what i wanted to do.I gradually began to make a circle and then once i colored half of the paper, I was like “wow, maybe i should do a crescent moon” since i have such a fascination with the moon. The whole experience i would say, was pretty liberating, i didn’t really think, i just did. And I loved the end result.

Though the activity is different from the graffiti writing, they have some similar qualities. They both allow us to feel the paint go on the canvas. We chose the amount of space we want to cover and what shapes we want to do. As well as me using my nickname chely on both lol, Both can also be a bit messy. The two are different because one is more about just doing and you don’t have a clear image of what you want to do, but with graffiti writing, you have an idea of what you want to do on the wall. You come in knowing how you want the end result to be opposed to the finger painting were you dont have a clear idea until you start.

Both finger painting and graffiti writing can be a bit absract. people can input little charaters within both and also the viewer trys to figure out what was going through the artisit mind.


WK 15- EC Feedback

First off I just want to start this post by saying, this class by far has been one of the funnest classes I have had the pleasure in attending. It was such a joy taking a break from a full business class schedule and adding some fun classes. The three activities that i enjoyed doing were the Graffiti writing, Plaster Casting, and Finger Painting; with that being said, the three activities that i least enjoyed doing was Vlogs, and Landscape with a corpse and honestly that’s it there is no 3rd one, the rest of the activities were really fun to do.

As for the hybrid version of class, I personally loved it. I feel that we get to learn at our own pace and sometimes we may learn a bit more because we are more attentive online than in class.

The artist conversations and meeting in the SOA Gallerias were okay, but there was a couple times that the artist were a bit reserved, or stand  offish. Its understandable that they may feel annoyed because they may be getting the same questions over and over but its not our fault that we have to gather that information, so sometimes after they were not being friendly, it made me not want to ask them questions or even spend time writing about them. However, there were some artists were really nice and friendly, one even went through his gallery and went over each of his pieces, and was very engaging and excited about his work that it kind of made me excited about his work to. The classmate conversations were cool too because we got the chance to meet many of the students in class and create new friends which is pretty cool.

Yes, the samples of the weekly blog post are extremely helpful and its kind of a guide as to what we are being graded on

Though many of us have not really made a e porfolio, It definitely is something that is useful. Its useful for HR people who are searching for us when we apply for jobs, and its better than them finding stuff from Facebook or Twitter that may not be professional.

And finally, the art talk videos were pretty cool because at the end we got to ex[lore and search topics that we would not have searched on our own. I think that the way it is is good and should not be modified.

WK 14 – Instagram Activity

I tend to use Instagram daily, though I do not post daily. Going through our Group portrait I saw some things in common. I noticed that many people were posting about doing there school work, or referring back to the college struggle lol I decided to choose these pictures because they caught my eye and and I, as well as many other college students can relate to the meme i posted about Kermit the frog and the little stick figure guy who looks as they are dying while doing there homework. I passed by those mona lisa negatives and oi love how the picture came out and how some of the negatives were revealed. I loved the little kitten because during these stressful last weeks of the semester, a kitten would make many of us happy, even just a picture could kind of brighten up your day.

I have to say that if definitely feels like a community of some type. We can all relate to many of the pictures that where posted by our fellow peers. Its a CSULB college student community, many pictures where taken on campus and looking at the pictures you cant help but think in your head “oh I know where that is”, or “oooh i wonder where that is, it looks familiar”. It was an interesting activity and it was pretty amusing getting messages from friends and family asking why i had the hashtag and explain that this is part of my hw. (I think my cousin was jealous because her coursework this semester is horrible and not fun lol. )

Wk 14 Classmate Conversation- Amy Song


Coming back from fall break can be one of the most difficult things of the semester. It might seem crazy but it’s true, you become accustomed to spending your time freely lol. But coming back to Glens art 110 class did not seem so bad. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Song. Amy is a Sophomore student and is pursing a biology degree. She decided to pursue a Biology degree because she aspires to become a veterinarian, which is amazing. I asked her if she loved every type of animal, (I HATE rats and snakes and pretty much anything that is not a cute little puppy or kitten lol) and she said she didn’t mind rats or mouses or gerbils lol. She did not grow up in Long beach and she mentioned that her commute time, if she would have stayed and lived at home like her mom wanted to, would be around 1 hr to get to campus and 1 hour to get back home, so she decided to rent an apartment near school.  After talking about school and stuff we began to discuss the QTW. We both kind of agreed that the college experience in 2036 might be similar to ours, though there will be more technology involved. We think that it will not be as different because we have seen how people from back in the day thought that by now we would be flying in floating cars and things of that nature lol. Also maybe more younger people will begin college much sooner than the 17-18 year range. 

I’ve met so many people that are pursing a biology degree this year. Having a co-worker whom is also pursing a biology degree I’ve heard the struggles that bio majors go through. I wish Amy lots of luck in her academic career. It will definitely be worth it at the end of the road :). 

If you want to know a bit more about Amy Song, the future veterinarian, check out her website at: https://amysongblog.wordpress.com 






WK 13- Classmate Conversation- Jacqueline Sanchez


This week I met Jacqueline. She is a sophomore in CSULB. She is still undeclared but she is leaning toward pursing a degree in psychology even though she feels that people look down a bit on psychology majors because they feel that its harder to get a job with a psychology degree. Talking to her we discovered that we grew up pretty close to each other, I grew up in North Long Beach and went to Jordan High School, Jackie grew up in Compton California and she went to Compton High.We talked about our high school experience and she mentioned wanting to give back to the community she grew up in. She wants to be a high school counselor, she wants to encourage kids from our communities to purse a college education and let the know about the opportunities that they have at their disposal. It was nice to talk to someone who knows what it was like going to a school where there was a low rate of  kids going to a four-year college. I know she’ll make a difference in our younger generation and its inspiring to see someone who wants to help others, that the most amazing thing someone could do. 🙂 

If you want to get to know Jackie a little more you can look at her website: jackiesart110.wordpress.com


Wk 11- Classmate Conversation- Melissa Rios


This week I met Melissa Rios. I met her in Kyle Kruse’s Exhibition. As we looked at the exhibition, we began to talk for our classmate conversation.   Melissa is a second year Biology student. She decided to get into Biology because she finds the study of living organisms to be extremely intriguing and has always found the subject to be one of her favorites. Biology is a tough major, so having downtime and being able to have some time to herself is essential. When she gets a break from her studies, Melissa likes to read, spend time with friends and family, and like to visit the happiest place on earth, Disney Land. She also is not afraid to do new and interesting things and is looking forward to what the rest of college has in store for her.



Speaking with Melissa about the Demi Lovato fan art issue, Melissa thought that the way that Demi react was not appropriate. She feels that Demi should have been more grateful of the fan art, and though the figure was not an accurate representation of Demi, art is meant to to be inaccurate and unrealistic.  On the other hand, i feel that she was not being rude, maybe it would have not hurt for her to show some love for the art work, but she dug deeper than the prettiness of the drawing. It is known that Demi has struggled with eating disorders and her body image, so to her the drawing was more than just something pretty, but something deeper than that.

You can find Melissa on her Blog: melissariosblog.wordpress.com














wk 11- Artist Conversation- Kyle Kruse

Artist: Kyle Kruse

Exhibition: Janus Maxim 

Media: Wood, Video, Various Objects

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Marilyn Werby Gallery

Website: Kylekruseart.com

Instagram: @Kyle.Kruse


About the artist

Each week the School of Art galleries showcase student’s exhibitions. This week Kyle Kruse was showcasing his thesis exhibition Janus Maxim. It happens to be Kyle’s last semester of his undergraduate degree, He walked in the Spring Commencement ceremonies and is expected to complete his degree requirements in the Fall of 2016. After the fall semester is done, Kyle will be a School of Arts graduate, he will have attained a BFA degree in the Printmaking program from California State University, Long Beach. Kyle is from Northern California and has been in Long Beach for 6 years. He hopes to be able to travel to New York and the UK. In his future, Kyle wants to further his education and pursue a MFA in Visual anthropology in the UK. On his downtime, Kylie enjoys rock-climbing, though he mentioned that even when he is rock-climbing his artistic mind never rests.

Formal Analysis

Walking in the exhibition your notice 3 masks that are set on top of podiums. On the walls behind the masks there are wooden carved frames. The room is dark. The floor is cover with dirt. As you walk you hear the crushing of dirt clumps under your shoes. You also hear the noises that are coming from the three televisions that are set up towards the back of the room. The televisions are playing videos that have the 3 masks incorporated in them. 

Content Analysis

The exhibition had a lot of different myths incorporated in it. The artist, Kyle Kruse, mentioned how so much research goes into his art work.His art inspirations come from the research he does.  Though only the Greek Myths were mentioned, there were other, not as known myths from Scandinavia and Egyptian myths that had a great influence in the work. In the exhibition everything has been stripped from the figures in the film. All that is left is the five senses. The dirt on the floor also was an element to enhance the audience’s senses, as well as the sound that was coming from the videos. The exhibition aims to discover what the void after death entails. The thought of the unknown is what is intriguing, it dictates the way people act and think. For example, when I walked in I felt scared. It has been instilled in me from a young age that the darkness and those figures are associated with evil, yet they could have other symbolic meanings.


My Experience/ Synthesis

I walked into the exhibition with my mind blank and not expecting anything but amazing art work. When I stepped into the dim lit room, I felt genuinely scared. Maybe it was the masks that reminded me of something out of a horror film, the noises that were coming from the videos played on the televisions, or the dirt on the floor. The dirt on the floor threw me off because it was something that I was not expecting to be inside a room. But I have to say that the exhibition was one of the best ones that I have seen. Though at first I felt scared, I loved that an exhibition can make me feel scared. Every detail of the exhibition was perfectly done for the audience to capture the artist’s intent. Also each piece had amazing detail, the wood carving had to be my favorite pieces. There is no question that Kyle is a very talented artist and will amount to create things.