Plaster Casting Activity

Early in the morning I set off to create plaster molds of my hands and feet. I went to the Seal Beach pier where Professor Glen had instructed us to go for an optional meet up spot. Though it was an optional meeting, I decided to go to interact with classmates. I also went to get extra help with my project because I’m not so creative.  When I arrived at the beach there were only two other people from class there. Of the two people there, I recognized one familiar face, Yonathan. He had been in my group on Wednesday during the meet and great.

Since we were the first ones at the beach we decided to start our molds. We started to discuss what types of different figures we could do with our hands. I decided to make the hand sign used in alien movies. From what I understand the sign is used by aliens to say hello. J It was hard to keep the mold together because it kept collapsing. I finally got some of the molds to not collapse. I ended up making two hand molds and also a foot mold. I felt that one of the three had to come out looking okay. At the end of the day I had a good time and my molds ended up coming out looking decent. One hand mold ended up looking, well to me it looked like a sea creature hand. Only because the figure tips were pointy.


The closest I had come to making a mold of my hand is in high school when I had to take a ceramics class. I made figures of clay and molded a puppy. Also the only other time I have had something molded of mine, was when I was getting my braces taken off and the orthodontist made a mold of my teeth.

The way I could adapt this activity to other activities in life is having patience in things you do. Making the mold was not easy, the sand kept collapsing and it was frustrating but the finished project was worth it. Just like in life you have to be patient in the things you do and the finished outcome will reflect that.



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