WK 2 -Classmate Conversation #2

On Wednesday I met Marlene Rodriguez. At the end of class we looked around the room to look for someone to do the Classmate conversation with and since she was sitting right in back of me we decided to do it on each other. Talking with Marlene I learned that she is a Speech Pathology major and that it is her 2nd year at CSULB. We talked about classes and substitute classes for different GE’s (because who wants to take Autonomy when you can take a class that counts for the same GE lol). Some hobbies that she told me she enjoys doing is watching YouTube and hanging out with her friends. I could totally relate, during this college career of mine there is countless times I could remember watching YouTube videos instead of doing my actual homework lol J. The reason that Marlene is taking the course, as many others in class are, is because she needed a GPA booster; however she also choose to take this class because she wanted something different, she wanted to become more open to the classes she would not normally take. Marlene’s college experience has been a great one despite the super long nights. She has met new people and has also taken classes that have made her more open minded about everything that is going on around her. What her experience in college has also taught her is that she should always put herself first. The way Marlene would describe art, is anything made by an artist that is used to express themselves or to connect to their emotions.

After talking about classes and school we began to talk about things that are more important. For example FOOD! What is better than food? LOL Marlene reviled that she loves every type of food, she’s a food junkie. Totally opposite from me. I am extremely picky with food, I also have this weird thing about food which is, if I do not like how it smells I just don’t eat it J. We also agreed that the home cooked food will always be the best food.

QTW– Is art actually important in today’s world?

Absolutely, in today’s twisted world, there has to be an outlet in which people can express themselves. Not only is it important for the artist, but also for his or her followers. The world need beauty and raw emotions. It is also a way to escape from the world, even for just a second.

Marlene Rodriguez and I. ART 110

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