WK 2- Landscaping with a corpse- activity #2

I was really excited to do this activity. I even told my co-workers about it and they were excited and eager to see what my death scene would look like.  The original plan I had for my death scene was going to take place in the National Forest of Los Angeles. I wanted to do it there because I wanted  the picture to be in the forest and for it to have a waterfall background to depict how beautiful nature is.

I was supposed to go hiking in the National Forest of Los Angeles with my high school best friend; however, my plans were ruined, and my hiking buddy had canceled. 😦 After she canceled I had to brainstorm where else I would like my final moment of life captured. I wanted the death scene to have a beautiful scenery. I don’t know why the simplicity of trees and flowers attracts my soul so much. It may have to do with my Mexican Heritage, having spent summers in Mexico where we were surrounded by nature at every turn. The best alternative I could come up with to a forestry scenery was the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, which is located on the campus of CSULB.  

The trip to the Japanese Garden turned into a family day out with my nieces, sister-in-law, and my mother. When we arrived, I did not expect the Japanese garden to be filled with people. We fed the fish and I looked for a place to play out my death scene. 

It was a challenging experience, there was little to no room to create the scene because people were everywhere. People were also walking around the garden which made it difficult to pick a spot to play dead. LOL.  Being the self-conscious person that I am, it was a bit nerve racking because people kept staring at me when I would lay down. I couldn’t be in a single spot for so long because people needed to get by. There were certain spots in the garden that would have made the picture stand out tremendously, however those spots were taken by people feeding the koi fishes.

Overall, it was a fun activity. My mother did not like the idea of the activity, (what mother would like want to imagen their child dying right? Lol ) but she was a good sport and took the pictures. If and when I go, it would be nice to go in a peaceful environment with a beautiful scenery. Bringing me back to nature where I belong.





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