Wk 3 – Classmate Conversation – Adrian Munoz


              This week I met Adrian Munoz. This is his 3rd year at CSULB and is studying biology (good luck to him 🙂 ). After graduating he is going to continue his education and attend medical school. His career aspiration is to become a Cardiovascular Surgeon. Some hobbies that he enjoys doing are to sleep, eat, dance, skate (which comes in handy at school because it is a big campus, classes are always scattered and parking is ridiculous lol), and also enjoys running. His favorite food is pasta with marinara sauce and his favorite show is “How I Met your Mother”. I love that show too but I prefer watching “Friends” because that’s my favorite TV show :p.

               I asked him what has been the best and worst college experience that he has had at CSULB. His best college experience has been joining the fraternity Delta Chi because he got to socialize and be part of school activities, however that was also his worst college experience. Joining a fraternity was his worst college experience because his grades began to suffer and he did not like that because he takes his education very serious. (As any future surgeon should 🙂 ). He is currently pledging this semester and hoping that it has a different outcome this time around. 

                Further on in our conversation we began to discuss art and what type of art we find the most appealing. The type of art which he finds most appealing is paintings that are about nature.

QTW- The type of art that has the most impact in Adrian’s life has been movies, they have motivated him to become a better, more active person, and also have inspired him to reach his dreams. Specifically movies that have to do with things he is interested in, such as running, fighting/boxing, and movies that have to do with surgeons. 

You can find Adrian at his website: http://www.adrianhasalife.wordpress.com



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