Wk 3- Artist Conversation – Wansi Ieong


Exhibition Information

Artist: Wansi Ieong

Exhibition: Why Not 

Media: Canvas,oil paint

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: No website available at this time. 

Instagram: Faziieong

Snapchat: Faziieong 



About the Artist

The art galleries located in the upper campus of California State University, Long Beach, showcases may student artists’ works; both present students as well as students whom have since graduated from Long Beach State. More specifically, the art gallery that had numerous breathtaking works of art was the Mat L. Gatov Gallery West. In this gallery a canvas named 2068 can be found. Canvas painting 2068 had an essence that lured the eye but also enchanted the soul.  

Wansi Ieong is the artist whom created 2068. Miss Ieong is an international undergraduate student pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree with a focus in Drawing and Painting. Miss Wansi is from Macao, China. Back in her homeland, Wansi was a dancer. She practiced dance for around 12 years. In those 12 years she mainly did Chinese dances, but also has training in ballet. It seems as if art runs in her family, as her brother is an artist as well. Wansi wants to continue her education in drawing and painting and go to graduate school. However, Wansi has yet to choose a school.  


Formal Analysis

The artist has illustrated such power in the eyes of the women in the painting. The eyes show so much sadness.  The choice of colors helps convey the message the painting is trying to covey. The use of the shadows in the paintings makes the painting have an intense feel to it. She wanted her work to have dynamic colors. Wansi has created this painting using only oil paint and paintbrushes.


Content Analysis

2068 is a captivating piece. It is titled 2068 because that is the year in which the painting reflects. The painting illustrates the artist herself. It tells a story that can be relatable to many college students. The painting conveys a powerful message. The message is to follow your dreams no matter what.

In the painting, there is an older woman who has dropped a pink ball. The ball dropping from the older women’s hand represents the end of her life and she has realized it too late. In the background there is a young woman in a mirror, the young women in the mirror is the younger version of the older woman. The younger version of herself is trying to stop her from making decisions she will regret. While talking to Wansi, she mentioned how many times in life people give up on their dreams because of other people’s opinions. An example that Wansi used was pursuing an art career. Many times parents try to influence their children to pursue degrees that can guarantee a successful future, but in many instances those kids die inside. Their dreams have died because they did not pursue what they were truly passionate about. Wansi knew that a career in art can be challenging and unstable, however, she has chosen to continue to purse it because she does not want to wake up one day and regret not pursing art or following her dreams.


Synthesis/ My Experience

Wansi’s painting made me wonder about my college career decision. It made me question whether pursuing a business degree was the right choice for me. I began to reminisce on my first year of college and my career aspirations at that time. At one point in life I considered a social work and criminal justice degree but ended up straying away from that path and choose to switch to business. I never saw myself as a business major, it was not something that I was passionate about, it was however something that I saw a potential successful career. On the other hand, social work and criminal justice was something that I loved.

Staring at the painting I began to see myself in it. Would I be happy years from now with the decisions I made? Would I be the girl in the mirror who would try to stop the older version? I felt this deep emotional struggle within myself.  


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