Wk 4 – Automatic Drawing Activity

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.I wanted to do this drawing activity with my 5-year-old niece because she always wants to help me with homework ever since she was 2 years old lol. But she was at her house playing with her friends and I didn’t want to interrupt. So I asked my favorite person in the world to help, my mom <3. It was hard to get a good picture of us doing the actual drawing because everyone was gone and it was just us two. I had to set up the timer on the camera and also set up the camera so it would stay still. Doing the actual automatic drawing was hard because my mom did not relax and the colors were not moving right away.  I began to get frustrated a bit but at the end we got the hang of it. It kept moving in a downward direction and we would stop and switch colors.

The finished projected looked like a tree, but then it kind of looked like a tornado, and then we thought it looked like a snow cone. My mom and I decided to add drawings to the automatic drawing. I drew Pikachu and oddish while my mom drew a cat and a butterfly. She then colored my hand black and I made a hand print on the page. At the end it was a fun experience and it was an awesome way to incorporate my mom in my school work.

(She hates pictures so getting her to be in the picture was a bit of a struggle lol but at the end she was a good sport J)



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