Wk 5 – Graffiti Writing


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This week’s art activity was graffiti writing. I have always loved graffiti and have tried to draw it but it has never come out very good. I was excited to do this project and have fun with it :).  At first I was having trouble with the spray cans. They did not want to work and as hard as I pressed on them nothing came out.  I thought maybe it was the cap so I took it off and put the original cap back on but that also did not work :(.  It was a bit frustrating because I was so excited to begin painting but the cans did not want to work. Then, after struggling with the cans for a good 3 minutes, I have no idea what I did but they began to work. I did the graffiti writing in my backyard, Venice was too far and it was way too hot to be outside. My brother let me use some boxes that he was going to throw away (that’s why on top of “chely” it says “Kitchen” lol he was moving back in and those were the boxes that he used to move).  I wrote out the name “Chely” because that is what most of my family knows me as, it’s a short version of Araceli. I kind of messed up toward the end on the “e”, my brother helped me fix it by covering the black outline with red and then redoing the outline for the “e”. I had fun doing this project, at the bottom of the name and on the side I drew some little figures. I drew some faces and a crown. 🙂  The face reminded me of what my ex boyfriend would draw on the bottom of each one of his pieces every time he would go out and bomb. It was a nice little tribute to him since he was the one who taught me everything I knew about graffiti and graffiti culture. It definitely was a good distraction from my boring Human Resource assignments. 


After I was done with the bubble lettering of my name my brother Guadalupe, decided to join in on the fun. He used the boxes that I messed up in. He began to paint, and at first I had no idea what It was, but then he flipped it over and he said it was the playboy bunny lol  🙂 . He’s always been more of the artist one. It was pretty cool having him around while I did my work. He also gave me a few pointers when I was outlining so it could look better. Maybe that’s why he’s my favorite brother. ❤


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