Wk 6- Flip Book Activity

I started to make the flip book during class on Wednesday. It was going really good until I broke the needle that I was using to put the string to tie together the flip book. (yes I wrote that right, I broke the needle, it was pretty embarrassing, sorry again Professor Glenn lol). I finished making the flipbook on Friday night after going to Daiso and buying a set of thick needles. It was a bit tricky to bind the flipbook and I tried to Youtube it and nothing really came out so I just winged it.  I tried out a couple of different designs but I couldn’t make it work. I wanted to do something that had to do with Halloween since its right around the corner and I’ve already started to work on my costume. At first I wanted to draw a trick-or-treater walking up to a home, but it was taking too long and I did not like how it was coming along. I then tried to draw a pumpkin that would explode when the timer hit 00:00, but it didn’t really move until the last page. I final decided to make some balloons flying away and up into the sky. The idea came to me when I was at Costco and saw a little dinosaur balloon that a small child had let go float away into the sky. It also seemed appropriate to make a balloon flip book since it was my dad’s birthday on Saturday.  Next time I would like to try to make a more colorful and more detailed flipbook.


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