WK 8 – Classmate Conversation -Patricia Avendano


This week I met Patricia Avendano. When I got to the Japanese garden everyone was already paired off and doing their classmate convo. At first I was just looking around seeing who might need a partner and then Patricia walked by and I asked her if she wanted to do the classmate convo with me. We talked about our childhood, our current schooling and we also discussed the posted questions of the week. We also did the drawing activity together and had a pretty good time. 

Patricia moved from the Philippines in 2007. She finally got the chance to go back after 8 years. She went back in January 2015 and stayed there for 5 weeks. When she went back she described feeling a reverse culture shock. She said that she missed the food over there and also missed being around family. I definitely could relate because I used to go to Mexico every year after school was out, but work and school now keep me busy. I finally went back to visit family and I didn’t realize how much I missed them, as well as the food there. 🙂 

When her and her family moved to the USA, they lived in  Pasadena. She lived in Pasadena, then moved to Long Beach. Currently she is living with roommates in Long beach so she could be closer to school and family. She wanted to be close enough to visit family, but also be independent and on her own. Patricia is a second year business student and wants to major in Marketing. I am also  a Business student in CSULB. I gave her some advice on some professors that she should avoid and on professors that she should take, as well as classes that she can take in a Community College that can be transferred over. 


For the first question, Patricia said that the piece of art that she would like to share would be a video called “Medicine”. Medicine is a dance film by Zack Benitez. The reason she would want everyone to see this video is because it shows what dance is all about. Dance tells a story through movements and communicating thoughts and feelings. She feels that people should see it because it addresses an important social issue which people can relate to. 

For the second question she said that if her child was pursuing an art career she would be supportive. She said that she would be supportive as long as they put all their heart and commitment into the art career. She wants her future children to be successful adn is a firm believer that commitment is a major key in being successful. 

And for the last question, we looked at each others home screen on our phones. Patricia’s home screen has the basic apps that would appear on it. She has the clock app, notes, settings, mail, calendar, weather, maps, and other apps that are pre-installed. I also noticed that she only had 25 unread emails. I kind of chuckled because I have around 7 thousand unread emails so seeing someone have only 25 unread emails is weird lol.( maybe I should start deleting some spam mail). 🙂 

Website: https://patriciaarienne.wordpress.com





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