Wk 8 – Sketching @ the Japanese Garden

If you cannot tell by now, I am not very artistic.Though I love art and I can appreciate it, I just do not seem to understand how to draw or shade or highlight or anything lol. I tried my best this week and though they are not very good, especially compared to other people in the art class (I may have glimpsed at people’s work when i walked by) I tried my best lol. Above are some of the drawings I did. The first one is the 10, 30 second drawings. I may have cheated and spent more than 30 seconds on each, but its because I didn’t notice the time because i was really into the exercise.  The second  and third drawing are the hand and japanese garden drawing blind contour. The blind hand contours were kind of hard because I would keep messing up when I got to the thumb. The third picture is also a blind hand contour but after drawing without looking at the page, I added the detail of the finger nails and the wrinkles.

After class I went back to work and I showed my co-workers my art drawings. They made fun of them lol. (Of course they were joking with me lol). One that they found especially funny was of my duck sleeping. They said that it looked like a cell, then they said it looked like an amoeba, which it kind of did. The next day me and my coworkers went to the Japanese Garden during lunch to draw some more. I drew a koi fish and a duck. they came out okay looking lol. It was just fun going with my co workers and being able to have fun and make fun of their drawings as well.



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