WK 10 – Fiber Art Social Network activity

This week we had to go to Prof. Glens office and do the Social Network activity. It was pretty fun I didn’t even notice how long it took to put the picture up and connect all the strings LOL But overall it was fun. At home I made a simple social network. The people in the little bubble map looking thing were my immediate family, some cousins ( I’m Mexican so i have like 100+; I know stereotypical huh LOL), my nieces, my two best friends (who i consider family), and my beautiful god daughter.

I feel that the term “social network” describes more of my online life. My inner circle of friends know that I’m a private person so if they do not hear from me for days it is normal. Social media for me is just a place where I could keep in touch with friends from HS and stuff like that; but I don’t use it to post about my person life struggles.

I feel that to a certain extent I agree that we can only have 150 meaningful relationships; but not in a life time. There have been several people that i have met along the way that have made such an impact on the person i am today, and though we may have fell off at one point in time, there is still meaning to that relationship. However, I am a paranoid person and do not trust many people so 150 seems like a pretty big number LOL.

For the people that have thousands of friends on Facebook i feel that its more about just having the number. The people following you, a large majority, do not mean anything other than another subscriber.


Nothing really surprised my when I made my own social network at home because i knew that i wanted to do more of a family one. Growing up i was raised more with my mothers side of the family than my fathers. So the cousins i put up are from my mothers side of the family. My little god daughter is my cousins daughter. And I put my brothers puppy up b/c that’s his child LOL. Though my social network did not surprise me, the one we did as a class did LOL. It was huge and there was so many strings all over. It was a pretty cool activity. 🙂

Hmm I have never really thought about what the number of close relationships i would like to have. If i had to choose i would say 21, only because that’s my favorite number and it seems that it’s a small number.

I have way more friends on social media. The number isn’t ridiculously high its only at around 200 or so. The people on there are HS friends, or distant family and friends. I feel that its a great way to keep in touch. I say this all the time, HS was awesome, you were always so connected to the people there and then after HS people just drifted apart and life happen. It sucks but that’s how life goes. Mostly I use social media to keep in touch with life events, everyone’s having babies and getting married or moving LOL so its nice to be updated once in a while.




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