Wk 14 Classmate Conversation- Amy Song


Coming back from fall break can be one of the most difficult things of the semester. It might seem crazy but it’s true, you become accustomed to spending your time freely lol. But coming back to Glens art 110 class did not seem so bad. This week I had the pleasure of meeting Amy Song. Amy is a Sophomore student and is pursing a biology degree. She decided to pursue a Biology degree because she aspires to become a veterinarian, which is amazing. I asked her if she loved every type of animal, (I HATE rats and snakes and pretty much anything that is not a cute little puppy or kitten lol) and she said she didn’t mind rats or mouses or gerbils lol. She did not grow up in Long beach and she mentioned that her commute time, if she would have stayed and lived at home like her mom wanted to, would be around 1 hr to get to campus and 1 hour to get back home, so she decided to rent an apartment near school.  After talking about school and stuff we began to discuss the QTW. We both kind of agreed that the college experience in 2036 might be similar to ours, though there will be more technology involved. We think that it will not be as different because we have seen how people from back in the day thought that by now we would be flying in floating cars and things of that nature lol. Also maybe more younger people will begin college much sooner than the 17-18 year range. 

I’ve met so many people that are pursing a biology degree this year. Having a co-worker whom is also pursing a biology degree I’ve heard the struggles that bio majors go through. I wish Amy lots of luck in her academic career. It will definitely be worth it at the end of the road :). 

If you want to know a bit more about Amy Song, the future veterinarian, check out her website at: https://amysongblog.wordpress.com 







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