WK 14 – Instagram Activity

I tend to use Instagram daily, though I do not post daily. Going through our Group portrait I saw some things in common. I noticed that many people were posting about doing there school work, or referring back to the college struggle lol I decided to choose these pictures because they caught my eye and and I, as well as many other college students can relate to the meme i posted about Kermit the frog and the little stick figure guy who looks as they are dying while doing there homework. I passed by those mona lisa negatives and oi love how the picture came out and how some of the negatives were revealed. I loved the little kitten because during these stressful last weeks of the semester, a kitten would make many of us happy, even just a picture could kind of brighten up your day.

I have to say that if definitely feels like a community of some type. We can all relate to many of the pictures that where posted by our fellow peers. Its a CSULB college student community, many pictures where taken on campus and looking at the pictures you cant help but think in your head “oh I know where that is”, or “oooh i wonder where that is, it looks familiar”. It was an interesting activity and it was pretty amusing getting messages from friends and family asking why i had the hashtag and explain that this is part of my hw. (I think my cousin was jealous because her coursework this semester is horrible and not fun lol. )


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