WK 15- Finger paint Activity


img_3520This week we had to do the Finger Painting activity. It was a really fun experience, my finger was a bit cold after the whole ordeal but it was fun.I had lost the other large peice of paper, so i had to tape regualr size pieces of paper together. That was a fun way to start the project lol. I think it went pretty well and it was pretty easy. At first I just started with the color orange,I didn’t know what i wanted to do.I gradually began to make a circle and then once i colored half of the paper, I was like “wow, maybe i should do a crescent moon” since i have such a fascination with the moon. The whole experience i would say, was pretty liberating, i didn’t really think, i just did. And I loved the end result.

Though the activity is different from the graffiti writing, they have some similar qualities. They both allow us to feel the paint go on the canvas. We chose the amount of space we want to cover and what shapes we want to do. As well as me using my nickname chely on both lol, Both can also be a bit messy. The two are different because one is more about just doing and you don’t have a clear image of what you want to do, but with graffiti writing, you have an idea of what you want to do on the wall. You come in knowing how you want the end result to be opposed to the finger painting were you dont have a clear idea until you start.

Both finger painting and graffiti writing can be a bit absract. people can input little charaters within both and also the viewer trys to figure out what was going through the artisit mind.


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