WK 15- EC Feedback

First off I just want to start this post by saying, this class by far has been one of the funnest classes I have had the pleasure in attending. It was such a joy taking a break from a full business class schedule and adding some fun classes. The three activities that i enjoyed doing were the Graffiti writing, Plaster Casting, and Finger Painting; with that being said, the three activities that i least enjoyed doing was Vlogs, and Landscape with a corpse and honestly that’s it there is no 3rd one, the rest of the activities were really fun to do.

As for the hybrid version of class, I personally loved it. I feel that we get to learn at our own pace and sometimes we may learn a bit more because we are more attentive online than in class.

The artist conversations and meeting in the SOA Gallerias were okay, but there was a couple times that the artist were a bit reserved, or stand  offish. Its understandable that they may feel annoyed because they may be getting the same questions over and over but its not our fault that we have to gather that information, so sometimes after they were not being friendly, it made me not want to ask them questions or even spend time writing about them. However, there were some artists were really nice and friendly, one even went through his gallery and went over each of his pieces, and was very engaging and excited about his work that it kind of made me excited about his work to. The classmate conversations were cool too because we got the chance to meet many of the students in class and create new friends which is pretty cool.

Yes, the samples of the weekly blog post are extremely helpful and its kind of a guide as to what we are being graded on

Though many of us have not really made a e porfolio, It definitely is something that is useful. Its useful for HR people who are searching for us when we apply for jobs, and its better than them finding stuff from Facebook or Twitter that may not be professional.

And finally, the art talk videos were pretty cool because at the end we got to ex[lore and search topics that we would not have searched on our own. I think that the way it is is good and should not be modified.


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