WK 2- Landscaping with a corpse- activity #2

I was really excited to do this activity. I even told my co-workers about it and they were excited and eager to see what my death scene would look like.  The original plan I had for my death scene was going to take place in the National Forest of Los Angeles. I wanted to do it there because I wanted  the picture to be in the forest and for it to have a waterfall background to depict how beautiful nature is.

I was supposed to go hiking in the National Forest of Los Angeles with my high school best friend; however, my plans were ruined, and my hiking buddy had canceled. 😦 After she canceled I had to brainstorm where else I would like my final moment of life captured. I wanted the death scene to have a beautiful scenery. I don’t know why the simplicity of trees and flowers attracts my soul so much. It may have to do with my Mexican Heritage, having spent summers in Mexico where we were surrounded by nature at every turn. The best alternative I could come up with to a forestry scenery was the Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden, which is located on the campus of CSULB.  

The trip to the Japanese Garden turned into a family day out with my nieces, sister-in-law, and my mother. When we arrived, I did not expect the Japanese garden to be filled with people. We fed the fish and I looked for a place to play out my death scene. 

It was a challenging experience, there was little to no room to create the scene because people were everywhere. People were also walking around the garden which made it difficult to pick a spot to play dead. LOL.  Being the self-conscious person that I am, it was a bit nerve racking because people kept staring at me when I would lay down. I couldn’t be in a single spot for so long because people needed to get by. There were certain spots in the garden that would have made the picture stand out tremendously, however those spots were taken by people feeding the koi fishes.

Overall, it was a fun activity. My mother did not like the idea of the activity, (what mother would like want to imagen their child dying right? Lol ) but she was a good sport and took the pictures. If and when I go, it would be nice to go in a peaceful environment with a beautiful scenery. Bringing me back to nature where I belong.





WK 2 -Classmate Conversation #2

On Wednesday I met Marlene Rodriguez. At the end of class we looked around the room to look for someone to do the Classmate conversation with and since she was sitting right in back of me we decided to do it on each other. Talking with Marlene I learned that she is a Speech Pathology major and that it is her 2nd year at CSULB. We talked about classes and substitute classes for different GE’s (because who wants to take Autonomy when you can take a class that counts for the same GE lol). Some hobbies that she told me she enjoys doing is watching YouTube and hanging out with her friends. I could totally relate, during this college career of mine there is countless times I could remember watching YouTube videos instead of doing my actual homework lol J. The reason that Marlene is taking the course, as many others in class are, is because she needed a GPA booster; however she also choose to take this class because she wanted something different, she wanted to become more open to the classes she would not normally take. Marlene’s college experience has been a great one despite the super long nights. She has met new people and has also taken classes that have made her more open minded about everything that is going on around her. What her experience in college has also taught her is that she should always put herself first. The way Marlene would describe art, is anything made by an artist that is used to express themselves or to connect to their emotions.

After talking about classes and school we began to talk about things that are more important. For example FOOD! What is better than food? LOL Marlene reviled that she loves every type of food, she’s a food junkie. Totally opposite from me. I am extremely picky with food, I also have this weird thing about food which is, if I do not like how it smells I just don’t eat it J. We also agreed that the home cooked food will always be the best food.

QTW– Is art actually important in today’s world?

Absolutely, in today’s twisted world, there has to be an outlet in which people can express themselves. Not only is it important for the artist, but also for his or her followers. The world need beauty and raw emotions. It is also a way to escape from the world, even for just a second.

Marlene Rodriguez and I. ART 110

Classmate Conversation

During class I met Jasmine Figueroa. She is a Psychology major and this is her second year in CSULB. Jasmine is from Compton California, which is close by to where I live. The hobby she most enjoys is bike riding. The only art experience Jasmine has consists of her high school art class. The way in which jasmine defines art is something where beauty and meaning can be found. The artist and the viewer if the art both can have the same or different definition of an art piece.

For the question of the week we were asked to think about where we would limit what we think of as art, Jasmine said that she believes art can be just about anything because what and what is not considered art could vary from persoIMG_2695n to person.

Plaster Casting Activity

Early in the morning I set off to create plaster molds of my hands and feet. I went to the Seal Beach pier where Professor Glen had instructed us to go for an optional meet up spot. Though it was an optional meeting, I decided to go to interact with classmates. I also went to get extra help with my project because I’m not so creative.  When I arrived at the beach there were only two other people from class there. Of the two people there, I recognized one familiar face, Yonathan. He had been in my group on Wednesday during the meet and great.

Since we were the first ones at the beach we decided to start our molds. We started to discuss what types of different figures we could do with our hands. I decided to make the hand sign used in alien movies. From what I understand the sign is used by aliens to say hello. J It was hard to keep the mold together because it kept collapsing. I finally got some of the molds to not collapse. I ended up making two hand molds and also a foot mold. I felt that one of the three had to come out looking okay. At the end of the day I had a good time and my molds ended up coming out looking decent. One hand mold ended up looking, well to me it looked like a sea creature hand. Only because the figure tips were pointy.


The closest I had come to making a mold of my hand is in high school when I had to take a ceramics class. I made figures of clay and molded a puppy. Also the only other time I have had something molded of mine, was when I was getting my braces taken off and the orthodontist made a mold of my teeth.

The way I could adapt this activity to other activities in life is having patience in things you do. Making the mold was not easy, the sand kept collapsing and it was frustrating but the finished project was worth it. Just like in life you have to be patient in the things you do and the finished outcome will reflect that.